Income Tax Slab Rate under New Tax Regime

Income Tax Slab Rate under new tax regime

Income Tax Slabs under New Tax Regime for FY 2021-22 [AY 2022-23]

A new Income tax slab Rates has been proposed under new tax regime through the Union Budget 2020-21. The Finance Minister of India, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the Union Budget on 1st Feb, 2020.

There is no change in the existing Income Tax Slab rates for Individuals. However, a New Tax Regime has been proposed containing 7 slabs with lower tax rates but without availing various exemptions & deductions.

Income Tax Slab Rate under new tax regime

So, Taxpayers would have two option – either pick the old Tax Slab and pay tax at the existing higher rate or opt the new tax regime with lower tax rates but without deductions, exemptions etc.

Thus, under new tax regime taxpayers can’t claim or avail any deductions and exemptions available under different sections of the Act. They have to forego the same to get the advantage of lower tax rate under new tax regime.

List of exemptions & deductions to be foregone under the new tax regime

The exemptions and deductions that would need to be foregone to opt the new tax regime option include:

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) U/s 10 (13A)
  • Leave Travel Concession (LTA),
  • Standard deduction,
  • Deductions under Section 80C – Up to Rs.1.5 lakh,
  • Deduction on Home Loan interest U/s 24 – Up to Rs. 2 lakh
  • Set-off of loss from house property against any other source of income etc.
  • Additional deduction on Home Loan interest on affordable houses u/s 80EEA – Up to Rs 1.5 lakh
  • Deduction on electric vehicle Auto Loan interest  U/s 80EEB – Up to Rs 1.5 lakh

Income Tax Slab Rate for Individuals below 60 years of age under new tax regime

[Applicable for F.Y. 2021-22 (A.Y 2022-23)]

The Income-tax slab rates applicable under the new tax regime would be:

Slab Rates          Rate of tax
Up to INR 2,50,000Nil
INR 2,50,001 to INR 5,00,0005%*
INR 5,00,001 to INR 7,50,00010%
INR 7,50,001 to INR 10,00,00015%
INR 10,00,001 to INR 12,50,00020%
INR 12,50,001 to INR 15,00,00025%
Above 15,00,00030%

Tax Slabs under New Tax Regime

* Tax Rebate u/s 87A – Up to Rs 12,500 on taxable income up to Rs 5 lakh is available

Surcharge and Education Cess shall be applicable as per existing rates.

Just to conclude here that, new tax regime is optional. Taxpayers who  want to claim available exemptions/ deductions would be taxed as per the existing rates (old tax regime). 

Those who want to take the benefits of lower tax rate  under new tax regime have to forego available exemptions, deductions.

Individuals having taxable income up to INR 5 lakh continue to be exempt from tax liability under the existing and new tax regime.

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