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Operation Clean Money: Verify cash deposits online on Income Tax portal

Cash Deposits Verification Online on e-filing portal of Income Tax

Dear Reader, post demonetization income tax department is now working hard to identify cases of cash deposits which are not in line /par with the taxpayer’s profile.

In the first phase, Income tax department has scrutinized & identified 18 lakhs persons where cash deposited by them during demonetization period is not in line with the taxpayer’s profile.

Department is identifying the cases of deposits over 2.5 lakhs done between 8th November and 31st December.


First Set of Data Uploaded on e-filing Portal

The Income tax department has identified 18 lakhs such cases and uploaded first set of data on its e-filing portal.

Online Response or cash deposits verification to avoid notice

Income tax department want to hear from all such taxpayers. So, submit your online response to avoid notice and other consequences under income tax act.

Provisions for submission of online response using e-filing portal has already been done.

I would suggest to all of you, without any further delay, log on to e-filing portal of income tax department.

And submit your response online. Submitting response online would be sufficient; you need not to visit income tax office personally.


How to verify your cash deposits online on e-filing portal?

Step1- Log on to e-filing portal

Type https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/ your browser. Click on “Registered Users”, if you are registered user, else Click on “Register Yourself




Step2- Enter your e-filing credentials (Registered user only).

Enter your User ID, Password, security captcha code to login your account on e-filing portal.


Step 3- View Information Summary

Go toComplianceTab of menu and click on sub menu itemCash Transactions 2016to view the details.



Step4- Submit Online Response

Under “Cash Transactions 2016”, you will get to know that, whether you are required to submit any response or not.

Case-I: No any response required

If no cash deposits are made or if cash deposits are in line with your profile or match with your ITR, it will display a message: “Presently, you are not required to submit any response. You may check again later”



In the above case taxpayer are not required to submit any response.  So, it’s a very important for all of us to check this detail once, to know, whether we need to submit any response or not.

I would suggest, you keep checking e-filing portal for it.  As of now, Income tax department prepared and uploaded only first set of such data. They are working on it, and finding more such cases where cash deposits made during demonetization period is not in line with taxpayers profile [i.e., mismatch with Income tax returns (ITR)].

Case II: Taxpayer response required

If your deposit(s) are selected for scrutiny, or deposits are not in line with your ITR (Income tax return), the details of cash transactions during 9th Nov to 30th December will be shown.


In above cases, you have to submit your response online.  Click on ‘Submit” link, you will find two options to choose from:

  1. This account relates to this PAN
  2. The account does not related to this PAN


Select the correct option according to your case. If the transactions details do not belong to your PAN, you need to select option “The account does not relate to this PAN”.

Once you choose option, a message “Your feedback will be sent to the information source for confirmation” will be displayed.

Proceed further to submit your response.  Success message with transaction Id will be displayed.

If you select the option “The account relates to this PAN” a new screen will be displayed.  You have to provide additional information to explain or justify your transactions like, source of cash deposit which could be cash out of earlier income or savings.

You will have option to opt the cash from receipts exempt from tax etc.

So, you or any taxpayers can submit their response online through e-filing portal of income tax.

You can submit your explanation without visiting income tax office.  If you need any assistance or help in submitting your response, may reach us at: [email protected] or call us at +91 95408 11400.

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