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SAC Code for Education Services

Education Services – SAC Code 9992

SAC Code for Educational Services

Here’s a quick list of SAC codes for Education services. SAC Code for educational services falls under heading 9992 of the SAC Classification.

HSN and SAC code lookup. Find SAC code for educational services. It is mandatory to mention correct HSN or SAC code on tax invoice under GST laws. Correct SAC code is also needed at the time of GST Registration.

Search complete list of SAC code applicable for educational services:

  • Pre-primary education
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Technical and vocational education
  • Specialized education
  • Cultural education
  • Sports and recreation education
  • Commercial training and coaching services
  • Other Educational and support services
sac code educational services-9992

SAC code for Primary Education

999210 – Pre-primary education services

999220 – Primary education services

GST is not applicable for primary education services as it is exempt from GST.

SAC Code & GST Rate for Secondary Education

999231– Secondary education services, general

999232– Secondary education services, technical and vocational.

GST is not applicable for primary education services.

SAC Code & GST Rate for Higher Education Services

999241– Higher education services, general

999242– Higher education services, technical

999243 – Higher education services, vocational

999249 – Other higher education services

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999259 – Specialised education services 

Cultural, Sports and recreation Education services

999291– Cultural education services

999292– Sports and recreation education services

999293 – Commercial training and coaching services

SAC Code, GST Rate – Other Education and Training

999294 – Other education and training services n.e.c.

999295 – services involving conduct of examination for admission to educational institutions

999299 – Other Educational support services

FAQ – Educational Services SAC Code

What is the SAC code for Primary Education?

999220 is the SAC code for Primary education services.

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